Call recap - November 2019

January 19, 2020
Allison Theobold
recap first year data science

The topic of our Nov 2019 call was “your first year in an academic position”. We had a very productive call with participation from three mentors (thank you Ulrike Genschel, Beth Chance, and Alan Rossman!) and four mentees – all participants from PTT 2019, three of which are still finishing up their degree and actively looking for positions and the fourth who just started their first term as a new faculty member at a Liberal Arts College.

The main advice that came out of the conversation for faculty in their first year is that, despite being given materials for teaching, it will take most of us the majority of our time preparing for class during that very first time. This is especially true for creating your first homework assignments and assessments. The biggest hurdle to overcome in that context is not trying to be perfect and keeping healthy and realistic expectations.

Below we share more detailed notes from the discussion in Q&A format.

What should one expect during their first year as a faculty member?

Short answer - expect the unexpected!

What are expectations of teaching positions that request/prefer experience with data science?

As a new faculty, what else have you spent your time on?

What are people’s experiences reaching out to companies for projects to use for undergraduate research or statistical consulting?

What are considerations to make when proposing a department “flip” a course which a large number of non-tenured faculty teach?

What advice do you have for faculty who are asked to teach one-time workshops (academic or industry focused)?

Huge thanks to Ulrike Genschel for moderating and summarising the call. Our next call will be in January 2020, hope you join us then!