Call recap: Your first year as a faculty member


Allison Theobold


November 21, 2019

The topic of our November 21, 2020 call was first year as a faculty member. The call was attended by three mentors (Beth Chance, Ulrike Genschel,and Allan Rossman), and four mentees (Allison, Joyce, Abhishek, and Asli).

Question: What to expect during your first year as a faculty member.

Abhishek Chakraborty (in his first year at Lawrence University)

Question: What does data science mean? What are the expectations of teaching positions that request/prefer experience with data science?

Question: Joyce was asked to potentially teach “topic” courses for businesses outside of academia. Do others have experiences teaching these types of courses? What should she consider when deciding whether to teach them and what topics to teach?

Question: What are people’s experiences reaching out to companies for projects to use for undergraduate research or statistical consulting?

Question: (Ulrike to Abhishek) As a new faculty, what else have you spent your time on?




Question: What are considerations to make when proposing a department “flip” a course which a large number of non-tenured faculty teach?