Call recap: Remote teaching


Allison Theobold


April 21, 2020

The topic of our April 21, 2020 call was remote teaching. We had a very productive call with participation from four mentors (Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel, Beth Chance, Nick Horton, Allan Rossman), and nearly ten mentees – all participants from PTT 2019.

The main advice that came out of the conversations surrounding remote teaching focused on connecting with students, both as individuals and as groups.

Below we share more detailed notes from the discussion in Q&A format.

If courses in the fall are entirely online, how can you build a classroom community with students who have never met each other?

What are people’s preferences for recorded versus live lectures?

Is it appropriate to force students to turn on their video?

How do redirect students to use a discussion board to post their questions, so aren’t overwhelmed with a large volume of student emails?

How do you prevent students from just working alone?

on group projects

on group work

What are tools instructors have used for students to work together on coding tasks?

What are some assessment strategies instructors have used? What about high stakes exams?

Have instructors used oral exams for final exams?